Looks like your getting fat Mr. Hodapp

Ok, I’ll be honest. If this wasn’t from one of my favorite kids, I’d be mad.  But she meant it in good humor, and of course she was right.  I did run a 100 miler 3 weeks ago, so I’ve been relaxing a good bit, getting my body the rest it deserved.  4 ultras in 6 months, plus quite a few 20-30+ mile training runs makes for one tired guy.  So, I decided to enjoy myself and sleep in and relax, eat what I wanted and maybe have a beer or two.  I needed the downtime to remember why I love running.  To finally appreciate all that I accomplished.

This break came at the right time for me.  I’ve taken up some new challenges at school with my kiddies.  Last summer, I was accepted into a Design Fellows Committee for Personalized Learning.  I admit, it worried me a bit to wonder what I was getting myself into.  What more could I seriously put on my plate and not drive myself insane?  But, if it helps my students become better learners and to think a bit more critically, then I’d be willing to try.  I am pretty much an open book to trying new ideas out on my students.  I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing specialists, and be related to one as well.  🙂 We decided to have the students create their own projects to prove mastery of the day’s lesson.  So each day, some kids add to their foldable, make a poster, a powerpoint, graphic organizer, or whatever it is they want.  All they have to do is prove to me they understood the lesson. My lesson may take only 5 minutes.  I’ll give them the basics, and let them figure out the rest.  They were a bit nervous, and still are on how to do this and what I expect.  We have hit some huge roadblocks. I had 31 students in for lunch detention today because they didn’t complete one or more of their parts. I had one student tell me he wanted to go back to how it was before.  He liked the exit tickets or quick checks we’ve always done.  He was comfortable with how it was going before.  He didn’t like change.

I think we all can relate to that.

The fear of change cripples us all.

(Especially change like loose coins or a coin roll someone throws it at your head, ouch, that could definitely cripple you)

We are all a bit to comfortable in our day to day lives. Our routines are hardwired into our brains and we can pretty much tell someone else exactly what we will be doing next Tuesday at 7pm without thought.  We grow stale and become static.

Why is change so hard?  I think it is because we are too afraid to fail.  Instead of pushing ourselves to venture out and try something new, we let the routines of our mundane lives hold us back.

Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.

I want to live my life with no regrets whatsoever. To live without the fear of failing holding me back.  Heck, I’m pretty good at failing.  I mean, I am almost 40 and single.. not for lack of trying. haha.  I am amazing at failing at relationships with women.  But it hasn’t stopped me from pursuing more. I have failed at hitting my goals in the marathon numerous times, but I always came back again.  I failed at getting all my students to pass the SOL’s in some years.

But it’s always led me to a welcome change.

I’ve experienced the crippling fear of expanding my horizons numerous times.  I seldom regretted it after the fact.

Sometimes maybe we need to rethink the path we are on.  I missed hitting my marathon target, so I moved back into Ultras.  A nice change of scenery for a bit might be what I need to get ready for the marathon again.   If I can run 50 or 100 miles, maybe some my trepidations could be alleviated before the next 26.2.  Doubtful, but it does make 26.2 look rather minuscule, so who knows? I miss the breakneck paces of tempo runs, the hurts so good but I hate em interval workouts. But nothing beats spending hours just hanging out with friends running on trails enjoying nature.  You can’t beat quality times spent in the woods surrounded by all the wildlife.  (until a momma bear pulls a Revenant on you because you got too close to her cubs that is)

Letting go of your fears and accepting change is what life is about. Stop being stagnant in life. I just read a good article on how the best companies, those that have survived for decades, are the ones that accept change and do what is needed.  This article talked about how Instagram was quickly replaced by Snapchat and a few other apps for social media dominance.  They saw where the market was headed, asked themselves what their core values were and made the necessary changes that got them back on track.  I think we all could benefit from a bit of reinvention, be it our daily lives, our hobbies, our goals, or whatever else it is you can dream up.

Oh, and I’ve accepted I need to change my diet too.  Before my pants don’t fit me. 😀



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