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I fear the pressure gets too much.

I fear that my kids have too much on their plate.

I fear we push them towards an end goal that is meaningless.

I fear that we are too worried about a test that doesn’t measure true knowledge.

I fear that a test driven society will never understand the value of digging deeper.

I fear that learning every detail about a subject isn’t allowed because standards get in the way.

I fear that I was part of that culture that didn’t allow it.

I fear that I worry too much about a test, I know that my students are worth more.

I fear that I can’t get them to understand that.

I fear that they just become a number at the end of a year, names become irrelevant.

I fear that we hype up a test so much, then are told we can’t give them their score, making the test even more meaningless.

I fear that true learning is getting harder and harder at times.

I fear that I have pushed too hard these last few weeks.

I fear that my anxiety has rubbed off on the kids.

I fear that our society looks for justification of the learning taking place in the wrong way.

I fear that they will never understand the true worth of education.

I fear the some kids will never know the true worth of education just because they aren’t test takers and are looked at as failures.

I fear that some kids that aren’t strong academically are pushed out of their true passions because of testing. We need artists, musicians, athletes, etc.

I fear that the truly great kids lose some of their abilities to shine because they aren’t pushed enough.

I fear that I can’t do enough some days to challenge my kids.

I fear that I let them down.

I fear that my words will never be heard.

I fear losing my passion of teaching.



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  • Anne Fox on June 3, 2017

    Well said. I fear that testing is way too important. I made a comment to a friend that I wish testing would go away. I was stunned when she said, “I hope that doesn’t happen. Then what would the teachers do?” Are you kidding me? Then we could really teach!

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